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MOBIAK Aerosol Generators / Clean Agent


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Quick Overview

MOBIAK Aerosol Generators are innovative products , designed for extinguishing in total flooding, indoors . The extinguishing agent is environmentally friendly and it is a substitute of Halon gas and other extinguishing materials.

A system with Aerosol Generators is used for extinguishing Class A fires (Solid Surface), B (Liquid) and C (Gas) and prevents re-ignition.

Aerosol Generators are aimed primarily for protecting areas defined and closed, to allow the retention of the required amount of aerosol for the required period in order to ensure effective firefighting.

The material contained in the Aerosol Generator, determines the concentration of the extinguishing agent, which is required for each Class of fire (depends on the volume that is protected).

The aerosol is generated inside the container through the combustion of material that contains, which is cooled by a special designed output that absorbs heat. The aerosol is generated in situ by the chemical reaction that takes place. It is not pressurized, producing micro-particles inert Dry Powder which extinguishes fire by physical and chemical means.

When a fire is detected, fire detection Sensor - Activator transmits an electrical signal in the unit which afterwards activates the electric igniter. Then, it releases the extinguishing agent in aerosol form, which overwhelms (total) area, extinguishing the fire.

Main Features
• Approved as a Halon alternative for non-Occupied Spaces
• No Ozone Depletion - Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
• No Global Warming - Does not contribute to the Global Warming effect (GWP)
• Low Toxicity
• High Efficient
• No pressurized Containers
• No Piping and no Nozzles
• No connection with Detection Panel
• Effective at very Low Design Concentrations
• Maintenance Free
• Small-Safe-Simple
• Effective Cost
• Total Flooding
• Listed on the EPA-SNAP list as Powdered Aerosol A (SFE)
• Designed to meet NFPA 2010 and PrEN15276

Environmentally Responsible Choice
- Non Corrosive
- Non Toxic
- Non Harmful or Irritant
- With no mutagenic effects on the environment & the human health
- Without Global Warming Potential (GWP)

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MOBIAK Aerosol Generators / Clean Agent


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