The Oyia Car Park and Oyia Beach Park are a new business venture in Libya for CT Park Libya.

CT Park Libya JV is the operating company set up to manage and operate this new prestigious project which is one of the first of it’s kind in Libya. The car park can accommodate up to 1800 cars in two levels both of which are underground. The Oyia Beach Park is situated above the car park at ground level. This is a magnificent public park which will become in the very near future a prime location for both locals and foreigners visiting Tripoli Centre.

CT Park Libya Ltd. is a new company registered in Malta made up of Maltese professional companies in which Stephen Micallef, the Managing Director of FSE is a shareholder. FSE will be responsible for all technical aspects of all services and equipment within this project, whilst CT Park which is also a shareholder witthin this new company will offer it’s expertise in the management of the Car Park.

The newly formed CT Park Libya JV has definately the right mix of professionals to be the perfect driver for this new and demanding project. CT Park Libya JV is a joint venture company registered in Libya to operate car parks in Libya.

Main site: www.ctparklibya.com