FSE Libya is the latest addition to our successful venture into the international market. FSE has been present in Libya on a temporary basis for more than 5 years. At that time we had supplied the new Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel with all the fire alarm equipment and also other fire related equipment, additionally we have served the hotel with our continued servicing of all its fire equipment for the last 5 years.

Now we have taken Libya seriously and decided to be permanently based there with a Tripoli office and also by having permanent staff there as well. This will permit us to service our Libyan clients better by offering a 24/7 technical support on site.

Our relations with Libya starts from Malta itself having worked and supplied fire and security equipment and services to all Libyan Embassy and Libyan government properties in Malta for a long number of years. These include the Libyan ambassador’s residence and also the Libyan school in Malta as well.