Our fire protection division is equipped with a fully equipped fire engine, and also a 4 x 4 vehicle which is equipped with a foam system and portable extinguishers. These vehicles are all manned by our full time trained and certified fire fighters. To compliment this service we also lease out for special events all types of fire equipment required for the event, such as fire extinguishers. A free consultancy service is also available for our clients as to fire safety during these events.

FSE’s fire engine is a Volvo FL6 truck, coach built to the highest fire fighting standards by Saxon and fully equipped with brand new equipment imported by the company.

The truck has on board a Godiva pump delivering an output of 3600 Litres per minute. It has a water capacity of 1450ltrs. A foam system is also fitted on board plus a portable foam induction system. All the crew of the truck have breathing apparatus sets on the truck plus spare cylinders as well. A portable pump is also available on the truck increasing the possibility to tackle fires from a different location & supply water continuously from a remote reservoir.