We offer our ambulance services second to none, as we can guarantee availability due to the large fleet of ambulances which are all always readily available for service even at short notice. A wide range of services can be provided, from private patient transport, to a fully fledged emergency ambulance service for any type of event being a concert, conference, film shooting medical cover and many more. All our ambulances are manned by fully trained personnel, which form part of our medical services division.

Our aim is to listen to our customers’ needs, and strive to meet and exceed their expectations. Our objective is to be able to offer a professional and the best ambulance hire which include medical services from simple first aid to trauma care to the local private community and also governmental institutions. We believe that our setup is second to none in both logistics and services we are able to offer.


Patient Transport

FSE Patient Transport Service (PTS) conveys non-emergency patients to and from hospitals for outpatient appointments, admissions, discharges and transfers. The service can also be hired for non hospital requirements where the patient does not necessitate a High Dependency Ambulance but, due to their medical condition, they are unable to use other forms of transportation. Our PTS Ambulances have an easy access ramp and, in addition to walking patients, are designed to carry wheelchair and stretcher patients in safety and comfort.

Medical Care whilst in Transport
FSE offers a unique program of professional care for patients requiring a higher level of vigilance and management during transportation. We are able to provide the highest levels of patient care, providing seamless standards of patient satisfaction and our exclusivity of operation ensures the highest levels of patient care and confidentiality. From pick up point to destination, it is important to have continuity of care; therefore, we only use the highest trained level of personnel for our repatriation service. We pride ourselves on providing an extremely high standard of service together with the most competitive fixed quotes.

Event Cover
FSE provides first aid and medical cover for a wide variety of venues and events. We offer a comprehensive service including any type of sports event, corporate and private functions, outdoor concerts, exhibitions; the list is almost endless. Whatever your needs, we are sure to be able to assist with providing the relevant medical cover and, most importantly for the event organizers, we can always guarantee availability and being able to turn up since we have an extensive range of ambulances and staff availability. We provide ambulances and first aid posts appropriate to the safe running of each event. Whatever the event, organizers can rest assured that our staff are fully trained and equipped and that the well-being of both competitors and spectators is our first and top priority. Our staff have a wide range of experience in this field and our client portfolio is already extensive, having carried out most of all local large prestigious events.

Film Set and Television
 We are able to provide medical staff on site to cover any production event, whatever the timescale. Additionally, we can provide Ambulances, medical equipment and staff for appearance in fictitious roles and reconstructive filming. A few of our personnel have gained a wide experience in this type of role.